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Got something on your mind?
Have a secret you would like to confess?
We all have skeletons in our closet, but unfortunately- we can't always trust those around us to keep those secrets safe.

Here, at obedlam we embrace the concept of group-sharing-- through the use of your own, an alias or an anonymous identity- you can feel free to make a confession relevant to the mid-weekly topics provided, read others' whacky, interesting and sometimes frightening confessions, or suggest a topic of your own.

As a new addition to our community, we now allow separate posting of your personal dilemmas, frustrations or feelings in an environment that can offer you support, advice or merely a more private place to vent your frustrations.

There are no secrets too bold, we are here for support and caring. Any judgmental behavior or criticism is strictly forbidden.

Please, share your issues and never be afraid to ask for help or advice.


1. Respect all other users-- people are here baring their deepest thoughts-- this takes courage and we should accept and support one-another.
2. Any comments made that are found to be damaging to a member of the circle will be immediately removed-- if found to be causing problems or upset amongst the community, you will be banned immediately... there are no second chances.
3.No confessions are to be made on behalf of other people-- you may reveal secrets which people have told to you, so long as that person either does not mind-- or you keep them anonymous. We aren't here to cause arguments.
4.When posting a topic of your own, please "center" and "big" tag the comment and place "[ these things ]" around the topic, like so:
[ This is a topic ]

The tags for this are <*big*><*center*>[ your topic here ]<*/big*><*/center*> (remove the *'s before posting).
If that's too difficult then don't worry, but it would be appreciated.
5.When posting an application, please make the subject line one of the following: Your name, "Application: (your username)" or "Another Skeleton".

Any queries, reports of abuse or other to be made to sullendeity.


Whether you're here to confess your own secrets, offer advice or simply read the confessions of other people, we would greatly appreciate that you give us a small introduction of yourself.

Basic Information

Just copy and paste the application below into your livejournal post and fill it out. It's that simple!

title or description

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