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Yesterday my wife took off with a fifty year old woman to go to the community college to do some homework. I had to go as well, and I spent an hour and some change there. She never did show up. 4 hours went by and a cop showed up at my door(apartment) and asked me if I had been destroying anything. No I said.
He then told me he had gotten a call from the same fifty y.o. telling them I had been. I had been home since I got out of school around 130 to set up the nursery and what have you to get ready for the baby's arrival.
I was then served with an EPO minutes later and was told I had ten minutes to gather whatever I could and leave.
I called my wife later and we talked for 6 hours on the phone about the neighbor not needing to needle her for information or anything else.
We're having such a great deal of problems, and our son is due around the middle of October.
I'm just afraid that now she's only keeping me around for convenience. Not out of passion or desire.
She's lied to me in the past about some very serious issues.
What would change her now?
I didn't know half of these things until we were already pregnant, which was intentional.
I feel as if my life with her has almost been made up, as we went along in the beginning getting to know her. Her lies.
She lied about having a miscarriage, abortion... Ovary removed and a few other horrible things I care not mention. I was humiliated though.
Now, almost a year later I find myself alone in the pregnancy and fighting to keep my head.
I care for her so immensely that I get too passionate sometimes.
Oh well, I suppose we'll get together tomorrow after she gives me proof the EPO is dropped.
As for the neighbor, she'll never step foot in our apartment again.
She's lucky a discrimination charge hasn't been filed yet. This is her
Oh wait, enterslota is her old LJ name. Come to think of it, you guys may know her better than I do.

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