ohohohlover (ohohohlover) wrote in obedlam,

Another Skeleton

Name: Tegan
Age: 19
Gender: female
Star Sign: Aries
Any particular reasons for joining the community?: I have a lot of deep, dark, emotionally painful secrets and I need somewhere safe to share them.
Pictures (completely optional):

This is me if I was a dinosaur:
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and me in real life with my photo wall (sorry about the quality):
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Promote to 2 or more LJ users/communities and post links: http://absis-minas.livejournal.com/173535.html?view=249055#t249055, http://recusancy.livejournal.com/31188.html
Any other comments/info/suggestions/questions?: I just want to express my appreciation for this community, thank god it's finally here.
Where did you hear about obedlam?: from a journal that's not in the community, there was a promo and I followed it.
Make us a banner (also entirely optional): Sorry, I suck.
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